Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011

2010 was a year with its ups and downs...

We had more car troubles in 2010 than we ever had before.  The Altima is now sportin' a brand new fuel pump, fuel filter, air conditioning hose, radiator, and head gaskets!  The Ford was in a world of hurt, so we donated it to Cars for Causes and purchased a used 2008 Sentra.

I started 2010 horribly overweight.  Following The Belly Fat Cure I was able to lose 45 pounds and have kept it off.  According to the Wii, my "ideal" weight is 20 pounds lighter, so 2011 will be dedicated to losing that last 20 pounds.  Physically, I feel so much better.

We moved out of our apartment in August and into a house in Menifee.  Connor loved the pool during the summer and he loves having a backyard to run around.  Kayla loves the backyard, but wasn't too sure about the pool.  Our summer highlights were swimming and roasting marshmallows for smores.

Connor started 1st Grade this year and is growing up so fast.  Connor is a math wiz and rose to the top of his math curriculum within weeks of starting school, his challenge is writing; however, he has improved leaps and bounds since our first parent/teacher conference.  I love this little guy!

Kayla is way too wise for her age.  That girl can memorize songs, nursery rhymes, and doesn't forget a thing...especially if it involves treats or trips to the park.  We often hear, "but Mom, you promised that we could go to the park today."  or " You said after I took a nap, I could have a cookie...and I am done with my sleep time now."  This smile could light up any room...and with the exception of nighttime, she is such a sweet and loving little girl who brings such joy to our lives...

John is still working for Ryder and loves it.  John also continues his work with Spirit West Coast and his web design projects, he is currently creating a web site for a general contractor.  He also has fun with his camera and seems interested in taking a digital photography class at the college.  Since we were in a house this year, John was able to put up Christmas Lights.  He was not having fun, this was a fake smile, seriously!

My year at work was great!  I still continue to love my Cricut and enjoy making cards and scrapbook pages.  In February, I will be taking a 4 week scrapbook class at Joann's and am so excited to get started.  It wasn't funny then, but I find it hilarious now... My former boss used to tell me that my job wasn't important and I was just a paper pusher...and now I have a huge love for paper, the scrapbook kind :)

I am looking forward to a great 2011.

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