Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm back.....

I have been guest blogging over on Rosalie's blog and realized that it has been a really long time since I've posted on my own blog.  This year I have been focusing on losing weight and getting healthy.  My 7 year old challenged me to a race at the beginning of the year and oviously, he is a boy with lots of energy, but I was winded and didn't really go very far.  He won.  I was at my all time highest weight and disgusted with myself.  Following The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise I have been able to lose 42 pounds as of yesterday's weigh in.  My body has changed dramatically, not just physically but mentally and emotionally also.  Before It was really hard to wake up in the morning, I had to set my alarm clock an hour fast because I'd hit snooze 5-6 times before I actually got out of bed.  Now, I can wake up on my own before my alarm clock even goes off- that is a miracle in and of itself. 

Here are my before and after pictures: 
My highest weight of 210lbs. on Janurary 28th 2012

It honestly felt like I was pregnant when I had to bend over and tie my shoes :)

And here is me a couple of days ago:

169 lbs on August 23rd 2012

Feeling much better.

I lost the weight of a small child.  Kayla is 41 pounds- I can't even phathom that I used to carry around that much extra weight.  Amazing. 

If you are struggling with anything, I want you to know that you can make the choice by yourself to change.  You might be able to find some support in your family and friends, but ultimatley, the choice is up to you.  I have found the most help and support in people I have never met, complete strangers.  People I have found online and through Facebook sharing their struggles and successes have helped me in ways that they will never know.

Today's the day!  Make the change!