Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My kids...

It seems that everyday the kids are doing something news worthy- or so I think.  There is never a dull moment.  Here are some of the events from the past few days:


Background:  11 years ago, John and I were robbed after only being married a few months and the thieves took everything- even a dirty pancake griddle.

  • The other morning I leave for work and the garage door was left open all night.  I did a quick scan to make sure nothing was taken and determine that everything was OK and left to work without a second thought.  The next morning I have to take the kids to school and they are in the car before I am.  I back up and am sitting in the driveway reaching for the garage door remote control.  It was gone!  In a matter of four seconds my mind went to the day before when the garage door was open all night, the thieves took the garage door opener and are going to come back during the day and take all of our stuff, my face went pale, I didn't know what to do, and then the garage door goes down.  Shocked and confused, I look around and the kids are in the back seat laughing hysterically.  Connor took the garage door opener when he got in the car before me and thought a little practical joke was in order.  Relieved at that point I reach behind my seat and give him a playful smack on his leg which only added to the laughter.  Kayla speaks up and says, "Hey, hit me too, I kept the secret!"
Connor the Scholar:
  • The second trimester has ended at school and report cards are due home soon.  After I picked up the kids the other day, Kayla informs me that Connor got in trouble at school and was very serious about it.  I asked Connor what happened and with a shrug and sad face he told me that he had a letter from the Principal that I needed to look at.   Connor asked what kind of trouble he would be in for getting in trouble at school, etc.  Connor slowly goes into the house with his head down and opens his backpack to find the letter from the Principal.  Connor is receiving an award for academic achievement in April.  Again the hysterical laughter erupts and both of the kids are proud of another successful stunt towards me.
Kayla and her vocabulary:
  • For such a beautiful little girl, every conversation has to turn to poop, farting, or diarrhea- very obvious that she has an older brother.  Yesterday I told her that if she didn't stop I would have to talk to her teacher about her behavior at home.  I asked, "Is that what Mrs. Whelen teaches you at school?"  Kayla's reply, " Oh no, Mrs. Whelen teaches us about verbs, adjectives, sentences, Ostriches, and the Musk Ox!" 
Where does she learn these things?:
  • Yesterday during dinner Kayla comes up to me really close and asks if Daddy did this to me the first time he met me:  She brushed my hair behind my ear and said, "Hey, you're hot!"  Laughing, I told her that Daddy did not do that to me the first time we met, so then she goes on to brush the hair behind my ear again and cupped my cheek and said, "Hey, you're beautiful, did daddy say that to you the first time he met you?"  I told her that didn't happen either and asked where she learned these things.  Of course, she doesn't know.
The things these kids say and do never ceases to amaze me.  It does make for some good laughs looking back on it.