Friday, April 19, 2013

My poor daughter...and salesman son

It has been incredibly exhausting for me the past few months.  My workload has increased and there is a lot of uncertainty in the air regarding work.  I do not like the unknown!!!  Add all of that to the kids' homework, housework, etc.  I am just flat out tired.


Yesterday morning while I was trying to convince Kayla to hurry up and eat breakfast so I could comb her hair, I sighed and said, "Kayla, we should go away for the weekend to a hotel, just you and me."  She didn't say anything and I went to work and she went to school.  When we got home yesterday, she put a DVD away that she wanted to watch for Friday movie night and said, "We aren't going to have Friday movie night because you are taking me to a hotel, right?"

I tried to explain that I was just fantasizing, hoping for a nice and relaxing weekend.  Kayla would have none of my explaining because she was in tears saying, "but you promised you would take me somewhere..."

We can't go away for the weekend, but hopefully she will settle with sewing owl pillows.  I am hoping that in her mind, spending time together will be enough, whether it be at home or in a hotel...


Connor has been saving his money for a new Lego game that is coming out for his 3DS.  He is $10 away and the game will be in stores this Sunday.  Yesterday, Connor propositioned me:  Since the mornings are so stressful to get everyone ready for school, he wants to be my personal butler.  He will do what I ask and I have to pay him (even though he got twice the going rate from John for taking the trash out yesterday).

So, this morning, Connor got Kayla's lunch box out, put out cups for milk, and even carried my coffee cup to my car (and helped himself to the quarters in my car before he left).  I have my own little I just have to teach him how to clean the toilets...

Have a great weekend.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Just say no to drugs!!!

John woke up early this morning to take his dad to the hospital for a pacemaker.  The kids woke up and were wondering where their dad was and I explained that he had to take Grandpa to the hospital.  Kayla seemed concerned and said that she would never go to the hospital for surgery.  Connor then goes on to explain why someone would need surgery:

"Kayla, the only reason someone needs surgery is because they take drugs.  So, if you don't do drugs then you will never need surgery!  Do you know what drugs are Kayla?  (Kayla shook her head no)  Look at Michael Jackson.  His Dr. gave him drugs instead of medicine and he died, I know this because I watched it on the news!  Just don't do drugs Kayla and you will be fine!"~ Connor Chapman