Monday, April 1, 2013

Just say no to drugs!!!

John woke up early this morning to take his dad to the hospital for a pacemaker.  The kids woke up and were wondering where their dad was and I explained that he had to take Grandpa to the hospital.  Kayla seemed concerned and said that she would never go to the hospital for surgery.  Connor then goes on to explain why someone would need surgery:

"Kayla, the only reason someone needs surgery is because they take drugs.  So, if you don't do drugs then you will never need surgery!  Do you know what drugs are Kayla?  (Kayla shook her head no)  Look at Michael Jackson.  His Dr. gave him drugs instead of medicine and he died, I know this because I watched it on the news!  Just don't do drugs Kayla and you will be fine!"~ Connor Chapman

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